Cleaning Off Tempera Window Paint

Cleaning off Tempera window paint is a simple process.

It can be messy business if you do not follow some simple advice.

paint being scraped from window

Scraping paint is tedious but it is by far the cleanest way to remove painted decorations.

You will need the right tools for cleaning off window paintings – among them a razor blade scraper. Make sure you have plenty of paper towels and aren’t afraid to get your hands a little wet. In cold climates this may be uncomfortable but it is a necessary part of the job.

If you would rather not do this task, find someone who will. And make sure they won’t ruin your business in the process. I have had some lazy window cleaners shaft me out of a long time client because they left a pile of paint on the sidewalks and angered my client. Because of this issue I make it a point to let them know I will be stopping back to remove the painting. I do not do this for free however and I will be charging them for that service when I do the job, not before hand. I have heard stories of painter who charge up front for cleaning and never return. That is another issue that will hurt your business.

The business of window cleaning treats a store front to a shiny, new feel.

In removing your paint, do wipe down the edges, the frames, and check the walkways in front of the office or store for drops of paint that you may have missed while you were having fun with your artwork. Removing the spots is easy.

I have an old plastic bristle broom that I soak down in soapy water and scrub the area down until the spots fade and disappear  This leaves a nice, tidy impression not only on your client, but their customers. If you leave paint behind after the season has ended and are generally a sloppy painter chances are high you will not be welcome back next time around so protect your interests and do the job right.

Cleaning off paintings used to break my heart. I stood in front of the image and slowly removed it by spraying the area with a misting bottle. If there was a character there I would respectfully take it down, leaving the face for last. I really hated destroying my art but …alas it is a temporary thing. Like an ice sculpture, nothing last forever. I did get used to this in time and I have found the methods demonstrated in the video the easiest way to carry out this chore. See these in action in the following video.

How To Video: Cleaning Off Window Paint

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