Halloween Windows – Kick Off Your Season – Painters!

Painting pumpkins is a lot of fun for Halloween decorations and they can get really creative. There is one in the corner of this Halloween window painting. I wish I could show you the details on the cat face and the fuzzy furry effect, but this was a long time ago. The painting below is from 1989 before the digital camera was popular so I have to make do with what I have to share.

Halloween Greeting And Black Cat

I recently submitted an article about Halloween Paintings to an online magazine and it was picked up and featured. I am sure it will be viewed a few times. It has an old design in it that is one of my signature images and I will be posting the paper sketch of it soon.

When I get the opportunity to paint for this event I will be sure to add it to the blog here. I really enjoy my ghosties and goblin paintings. The variety of designs that go with Halloween are frightfully fun and can be done in good humor. Take the time to sketch them out so the image comes out just like you want it and go to town with all the details. Halloween isn’t as popular for window paint decorations, but its tons of fun.

Happy trick or treating!

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New Blog – Holiday Window Painting

holiday window painter poinsettia image

This day marks the arrival of holiday window painting to WordPress!

I should say up front that I have been a holiday window painter for over 30 years. It is from this experience as an artist that I catalog the following information.

The new blog is a way of preserving a temporary art technique that unless they are recorded on film images or sketch, these designs would be lost forever like a sunset or a sandcastle. Preserving this work is important to me.

I am approaching a time in my life that will bring about my retirement eventually.

I have gathered some of my best images from years past and assembled my portfolio. It is an organized collection of art that would never be seen unless the casual observer passed by the paintings when they were live on the windows.

In my wish to find an apprentice and share my experience I have created various tutorials and guides for successfully managing this unique decorating method. I know there are people with artistic talent that might benefit from this information.

You will find posts about the tools, medium,  and materials needed, the techniques used. Enjoy window painting as a hobby for personal decorating or use it to set up a side business. If you are a like-minded soul or just an interested reader, these tips should help you understand what it takes to create this wonderful art.

Paint at home or go pro!

holly and berries painted on glass in vivid colors

Holly Painted On Interior Of Restaurant

As this is just the first of many posts, I would like to thank you for your visit and invite and encourage you to follow this blog. I will not be posting more than once a week or so as my time is minimal for blogging.

When I do post, I promise to be as relevant as can in sharing the next tip or observance on holiday window painting. I will be sharing personal stories about my experiences on successful ventures and the occasional failures as I record my years of painting. I have pulled down those boxes of pictures throughout my artist history and will be sharing the personal reflections on the paintings in specific images and why I created them and what inspired the designs.

Please, share any questions you may have on this art form and feel free to leave them in the comment box below. I am interested very much in what you have to say.

Spam comments will promptly dropped in the the waste basket so save your efforts. {wink}

Happy holidays window greeting painted on lower window panes

Painted Holiday greetings

May the wonder of the holidays stay in your heart year round and bring you full circle to the joy that they do bring, the hope they instill, and the cheer that lies within them.

In the meantime, please, enjoy the following article also by this author and artist:

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Thanks for visiting! =)

Much, much more soon!

There are pages here that are imports from my blog elsewhere and they are in rough draft status, but they do offer many useful tips.

Browse them or come back after I have fine tuned them to fit this format. Thank you for your patience!

All images are property of M Burgess – all rights reserved. Please, do not copy, thank you!


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Painting Tips 101 – Art Brushes – Fan Brush

My best painting tip? Select quality art brushes!

Remember you are investing in a business.

If you select the right ones they will last years where the cheaper brushes will fall apart in your first season.

Cutting corners to save money on tools and supplies will cost you money in the long run. Cheaper quality brushes tend to leave brush hairs behind in your paintings.

Start your kit right and find good brushes to begin with.

Art brushes in different sizes, shapes, and textures can create the dimensions you need in a window painting. Picking out the right brush is key to the design your wish to create. 

One of my favorite brushes is a fan brush. I learned about these watching Bob Ross paint his happy little trees.

They are ideal for turkey feathers when painting Thanksgiving themes and they can be used to make clouds as well. They make great snow drifts and icicles, too! Another way you can use them is in creating a furry texture for painting animals.

Apply paint lightly with them using only the very tips of the brush. They will create interesting textured lines. Practice with these will bring out some fascinating images.

Keeping these brushes clean is simple. Rinse them every few minutes in clean water and dry gently on a towel or rag to keep the bristles straight and prevent paint from caking in them.

For more info stay tuned!
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Welcome to My Christmas Paintbrush ~ Blog

Welcome to My Christmas Paintbrush.

(reblogged from this artist's Blogger Account)



This blog is dedicated to my Holiday Window Painting business and the tips and tricks I learned in over 30 years of decorating window panes with tempera paint.

Santa Silhouette

Santa Silhouette

I want to share my expertise with anyone seeking this information on window painting.
My art gets me call backs for decorating year after year. I enjoyed this hobby very much and hope to help you enough so that you can too!

With the season comes a ton of images you can paint and create unique decorations in paint for temporary seasonal displays. In time if you have the necessary talent and some drawing skills, painting on glass will become not only a great way to share your artistic side it can be a great part-time business.

Be creative and learn how to adapt any design into a special request by your clients. You should be ready and willing to draw and paint anything into a window design because you WILL get some unusual requests. I have drawn pets, Santa in all kinds of interesting scenes, and some odd designs over the  years. Get creative. The more you can come up with the more business you will have. Be careful, though, once you get started you are going to be a very popular item of interest at Christmas time!

I personally cannot do faces very well. When it comes to a Santa I prefer to do something like the wreath above, “Santa’s Silhouette”. It gives you the feeling you would imagine for Santa’s Ride Christmas Eve on his gift-giving mission!

You will be able to design your own projects by using some of the hints and tricks I am going to share with you here. Eventually, you will have created your own portfolio with designs you will use year after year.

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Thank you for viewing!