Cleaning Off Tempera Window Paint

Cleaning off Tempera window paint is a simple process.

It can be messy business if you do not follow some simple advice.

paint being scraped from window

Scraping paint is tedious but it is by far the cleanest way to remove painted decorations.

You will need the right tools for cleaning off window paintings – among them a razor blade scraper. Make sure you have plenty of paper towels and aren’t afraid to get your hands a little wet. In cold climates this may be uncomfortable but it is a necessary part of the job.

If you would rather not do this task, find someone who will. And make sure they won’t ruin your business in the process. I have had some lazy window cleaners shaft me out of a long time client because they left a pile of paint on the sidewalks and angered my client. Because of this issue I make it a point to let them know I will be stopping back to remove the painting. I do not do this for free however and I will be charging them for that service when I do the job, not before hand. I have heard stories of painter who charge up front for cleaning and never return. That is another issue that will hurt your business.

The business of window cleaning treats a store front to a shiny, new feel.

In removing your paint, do wipe down the edges, the frames, and check the walkways in front of the office or store for drops of paint that you may have missed while you were having fun with your artwork. Removing the spots is easy.

I have an old plastic bristle broom that I soak down in soapy water and scrub the area down until the spots fade and disappear  This leaves a nice, tidy impression not only on your client, but their customers. If you leave paint behind after the season has ended and are generally a sloppy painter chances are high you will not be welcome back next time around so protect your interests and do the job right.

Cleaning off paintings used to break my heart. I stood in front of the image and slowly removed it by spraying the area with a misting bottle. If there was a character there I would respectfully take it down, leaving the face for last. I really hated destroying my art but …alas it is a temporary thing. Like an ice sculpture, nothing last forever. I did get used to this in time and I have found the methods demonstrated in the video the easiest way to carry out this chore. See these in action in the following video.

How To Video: Cleaning Off Window Paint

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Traditional Holiday Art Designs And Fluorescent Tempera

Poinsettia Designs 2007 ~ Image: M Burgess

Create A Collection Of Holiday Art Designs!

When the Holiday season rolls up on us in full force, my fellow artists and the curious, do you have a collection of drawings or photos to pull design ideas from for window decorating? 

Create a sampler book using the traditional shapes and images from the holiday designs that are so dear to our hearts.

My standard design theme over the past few seasons has been poinsettias and candles. These evolve year after year into wonderful adaptations. I am an artist with styles that are cartoon-like to semi realistic. I haven’t been properly schooled in the art terms, but I paint what I paint. 
There are moments I have scheduled my paint box for an appointment and I am not sure what it is I will be painting. Thankfully I have my standard design images. Created long ago when I started learning how to do these art projects I sat down and did dozens of pencil sketches. The window will inspire me to pull in and arrange these delightful images. When the design comes around and I am ready to sketch in the elements, there is usually a nice giggle involved with it. Sometimes there is an inside joke. Mostly they are a testimony of how beautiful this time of year is.

Christmas Art- Poinsettia In Fluorescent

Holiday Window Designs 2012 ~ Image: M Burgess
My 2012  Christmas Poinsettias are shown here.
I chose fluorescent tempera paints  to create a vivid image with the flower petals of this poinsettia. The brush strokes add the touches I needed to give it shape and form. With this design there is no need to do anything more but outline it.
Fluorescent colors can add some very nice touches for highlighting and blending in images that are round in contour. Use them to outline, too.
Keeping in the tradition of the Holidays, try to stay as close to the basic colors as possible but be creative!
Happy Holidays!


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What is your favorite holiday decoration design?

Painting Windows For Holidays – Thanksgiving Theme

A Thanksgiving theme is fun! Though Christmas tends to be the big draw for window painting I enjoy paint for other holidays, too. 

You can incorporate a Fall theme into a window design using pumpkins, fall leaves, and Turkeys. 

The colors are bright and fun. Painting Thanksgiving themes on glass can be a lot of fun.

A Sketch of a Thanksgiving Turkey, Ms. Trixie —>

Use a fan brush to do feathers. They create a really neat texture as you will see in the close-up images in the following photos. 

(All Images: M Burgess)
This design has the owner’s pets names on images of turkeys playing in fall leaves. 

Thanksgiving Theme ~ Fall 2007:

The Turkeys Close-up:

 Fall Leaves:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

The Christmas Window Paintbox Pallet Red White Blue and Green!

When putting together your paintbox pallet for the first time start with the basic Christmas colors red, white, and green.


The red, green, and white are obvious. These colors pretty much dominate Christmas designs. Blue can be used for shadows and in mixing other colors. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue but in specific tints needed it is better to get a premixed color when it comes to holiday scenes such as seen in Christmas.*


In these colors larger containers are necessary as you will use a them quite often. 

Poinsettias and Candles ~ Image: M Burgess

White is the base color I use on everything. It stands out well in distances and it makes great finishing details. I use it to outline areas that are red or green as these colors tend to fade into the decoration and not stand out on their own. With the design above, poinsettias and candles I drew out straight lines for the candles and took a 2″ paintbrush and ran it through the middle of them. Then I followed with the red petals and finished it off with the green leaves.
This is generally how I fill all of my paintings in. I later take white and a liner brush and add the final touches such as the outlines or sparkles.
You want your design to POP off the window. When you think about painting a glass surface consider what you want an onlooker to see from not only close up but further away. Painting the greeting for example if you are decorating a large storefront should be bright and attractive and clearly defined.


Space designs nicely apart so that they do not blend into one another and stand on their own
 There isn’t a need for a lot of detail. You can mimic a shape or highlight a character with a few quick strokes of paint.
Simple is good!
Keep it easy breezy and you will be painting like a pro in no time flat! =)

Before Painting Glass

Washing windows is part of the job and one of the features of your excellent service!

Become an expert in no time with these helpful window washing tips. It’s good business sense to leave sparkling clear glass behind before and after you have decorated!

Window Washing ~ Lessons From A Transparent Technician

Transparent Technician: the person who cleans glass window panes using a squeegee. Operates at ground level or hangs off of a high-rise building using a mobile scaffold and safety lines. (Window Washer)

Before you apply any paint or sketch to your window panes you have to make sure the surface is clean and the paint will stick.

This is easier to see than explain. The methods for cleaning a window quickly is an art in itself.
Done incorrectly you can make a bigger mess than the one you had when you started. The fanning action of the squeegee is what you need to learn. This lady really has fun with her window washing techniques!


Secret Formula to Clean Windows

Make sure your panes are clean before you start.

The secret to really good, clean windows is Dawn Soap! Use 2-3 drops in the water bucket. Practice with a squeegee and you can whip through the window cleaning quickly.

Make a good impression on the business you are decorating and clean the frames while you are at it. This helps when you dribble a little paint while you work. The surface is already clean and probably a little damp so spills are easy to remove.

Clean Window Kit Tools and Supplies
Having the right supplies ready for clean-up before and after is a great time saver. Plus!! Business owners LOVE it when you leave art and not a mess!
Here is a handy list of window washing tools and supplies:
  1. 3 gallon Plastic Bucket with a handle
  2. Squeegee – You can use a professional one like the one in the video. I prefer the automotive style squeegee. With a sponge on them, it makes soaping the window easier. There’s need to carry more equipment than you have to.
  3. A small bottle of Dawn Liquid
  4. Paper Towels – LOTS OF THEM! Bring at least 3 rolls with you. Get the quality ones. You don’t want paper shreds all over the place.
  5. Razor scrapers and replacement blades. Choose the flat edged ones. Purchase a few of them. It’s handy to switch them out in the clean-off process instead of having to stop and clean only one of them. These are great for cleaning up the painting, too. Need a sharp, flat edge? Just scrape off the paint around what you want to trim.
  6. Scrub Brush – Use this to clean up the window frames after you have painted. Scrub spots as soon as they occur to make clean-up easier.
  7. Plastic Bristle Broom and dustpan. Sweep the area under the windows BEFORE you start cleaning. When you are finished, dunk the broom into your soapy water and scrub down the sidewalk where you might have paint dribbles.
When I’m Cleaning Windows
By George Formby
Cute Song and some of the lyrics ARE truly some of the unexpected things that you will see when you are working with your holiday windows.
This song title could just as easily be changed to “When I’m PAINTING windows.”
Have we got these tips down ? Ok, you might be ready to start painting!
Yes, you guessed it. There is more…
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