Window Painter – Santa’s Elf With A Paint Brush

window painting of Santa being given a hair cut by an elf on a ladder.

Santa in the barber chair – North Pole Division

I have often associated the role of being  a window painter to that of  Santa’s Elf with a paint brush.


Although The elves generally work in the north pole toy shop, some of Santa’s helpers may  be found among the population spreading cheer and holiday tidings.

I am often approached as I paint by folks curious about my project. They stop to dish a bit about the technique or just pause for general chit chat. I have to be polite and very aware. It happens more times than not, that people want to talk to me about the painting I am doing or just stand by and observe. Often as I peer through the window pane, the whole office is mesmerized watching me work. It’s funny, you know. I want to peek in the door and tell them all to quit gawking and get back to work but I want to stay focused. I have learned to block them out but I still can’t help but smile. It is a unique perspective, painting art for holiday and spending time in paint mode.

Over the spring and summer I may have opportunities to paint occasionally, but unless it is my personal art I am not out doing windows. I am planning for the next season in my wait. The beginning of September has me making phone calls and reminder visits that my services are available for the season and lining up my calendar. I like to start as early as possible to make room for new clients and to fulfill the decorating wishes of my clients. I am down to only a few at this time because I work full time and my job takes up a majority of my time. It never fails. I plan to paint two projects a day on my off days and hit as many businesses as I can, but there is always a change in the schedule.

My favorite paintings will be accompanied by Christmas Carols along with the brush strokes. Why not be a great painter and full source of entertainment while the painting evolves bit by bit on the window pane. I offer a complete package with this holiday decor method. Why not be as conspicuous as possible while you are casually creating a wonderful mess!

In a world so colored with chaos and madness it is my privilege to stand in this unique place in holiday tradition. To cast my signature pieces in temporary form on window glass and leave behind me a trail of holiday spirit. We so need bright spots in our travels and I love participating in a decorating effort that leaves behind it, a view of holiday wonder, hope, and good tidings.

That’s Santa’s elf over there. The paint brushes are touched with Yuletide magic. If you linger long enough you may sense Santa’s presence and the wonder of the Season that it is blessed with… For the Christians it is a tribute to His birth and the celebrations that go with this day. Hang on to hope and faith and be of good cheer. You too, can be a part of the enchantment!

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