Window Painting Fall Holidays 2015

2015’s window painting season brought this artist’s portfolio new festive images and delightful characters. The challenge of the year’s art was to perfect a group of images representing not only seasonal traditions, but tailor made creatures and characters complimenting specific business themes. The challenge was met in fine color, detail, and style.

Groomer Has It Images 2015

Groomer Girl and Trixie Turkey – Image: M Burgess 2015  – All Rights Reserved

The changing season between Fall and Winter holidays requires two separate color palettes when creating art paintings on window panes. The pastel browns and burgundy reds of Fall are lovely touches for dressing up store front corners around Thanksgiving. The bright red and deep greens are striking shades as they represent the Christmas holiday and decor. An artist may have to divide up paint supplies into two separate containers to accommodate an organized seasonal painting kit.

Images of leaves and turkeys celebrate Fall while the familiar jolly elf, Santa, welcomes the Christmas days into our calendar. There are strict differences in color choices between these painting scenes.

The Fall Window Painting Palette

Fall leaf pattern with swirls Image: M Burgess 2015 - All Rights Reserved - fall leaf window painting in light brown with red accent and black outline

Fall leaf pattern with swirls Image: M Burgess 2015 – All Rights Reserved

Fall is summer at an end. We recognize it by fading and falling leaves and cooling temperatures. The season brings with it two distinct celebrations – Halloween and Thanksgiving. The colors change dramatically if one is on the right side of the continent in the United States. The basic palette of Fall is orange, red, brown, and yellow in tone. Halloween is a bright creation of color where Autumn or Fall paintings may be a softer interpretation of these values.

The shapes of various leaves define the paintings in delicate reminders of the season. Maple leaves are sharp and pointed images and generally dark red in color. Generic leaves may be any shade in the Fall palette. Interlaced in the complete design, the leaves are perfect for filling corners and empty window space, accenting permanent lettering, and as background images for greetings. Dress them up in assorted color markings and define them with black outlines.

The Character Line Up of Fall

turkey sketch in black and white by artist M Burgess

Trixie Turkey Sketch Image M Burgess – 2015 All Rights Reserved

The turkey will always represent Thanksgiving and it is a reminder to those who celebrate the seasonal dinner party that fun things are on the menu. This artist has two distinct versions of this beloved bird.

Trixie Turkey is the original portfolio design host of the season. He was the accent creature on a seasonal menu created in the late 90’s for a small deli. Here he is represented in sketch form. He has since evolved into a kind creature in full color.

window painting turkey - artist M Burgess for Wireless Fusion

Trixie Turkey Window Painting Fall Character

The turkey’s face welcomes the observer with a smile. The feathers are cast with fan brush accents and assorted lines and color changes to allow for form. The creature has evolved over the years into a pleasant companion and a delightful piece. This artist was anxiously awaiting the sweet face while creating the painting. The bird is one of her most beloved characters and it is a pleasure to bring him to life each year. Note the soft brown hue for the highlights and outlines and the darker brown and black for shadow.

Jive Turkey is an entirely new critter in the Fall line up. His character came to shape with the creation of a Fall theme for a vapor shop in Las Vegas. We wanted to poke fun at people still smoking with this sassy creature. The name Jive Turkey stuck and he was formed in sketch and paint. Notice the expression is strikingly different than Trixie. There may be a cartoon experience in the near future with these two cast members.

Jive’s lines and accents are smoother than Trixie’s. The simplicity of this design is acceptable because of the message he carries. He is a cartoon where Trixie is an art  interpretation.

turkey painting and artist M Burgess

Jive Turkey and Artist Maria Burgess – Fall Paintings 2015 Image: M Burgess 2015 – All Rights reserved

Fall has certainly been a fun season for this artist. The images were a hit with the clients and casual observers. Although the climate of Southern Nevada does not have a seasonal color change, the colors are celebrated in full fare as select images in window painting. The cast members of this time of year will endure through the cooler weather as art photos and prints and the sketch pages of this artist’s portfolio and scribbles. The fun and delight of the season will be replaced with festivities of Winter, but their images will be tucked away safely for the following seasons. The advantage of the painted leaves and creatures are clear. There will be no leaves to rake or turkey dinner to over cook. Happy holidays!

Find more information on window painting in the pages of The Essential Window Painting Guide – a tutorial for beginners at




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