Window Painting Fall Holidays 2015

2015’s window painting season brought this artist’s portfolio new festive images and delightful characters. The challenge of the year’s art was to perfect a group of images representing not only seasonal traditions, but tailor made creatures and characters complimenting specific business themes. The challenge was met in fine color, detail, and style.

Groomer Has It Images 2015

Groomer Girl and Trixie Turkey – Image: M Burgess 2015  – All Rights Reserved

The changing season between Fall and Winter holidays requires two separate color palettes when creating art paintings on window panes. The pastel browns and burgundy reds of Fall are lovely touches for dressing up store front corners around Thanksgiving. The bright red and deep greens are striking shades as they represent the Christmas holiday and decor. An artist may have to divide up paint supplies into two separate containers to accommodate an organized seasonal painting kit.

Images of leaves and turkeys celebrate Fall while the familiar jolly elf, Santa, welcomes the Christmas days into our calendar. There are strict differences in color choices between these painting scenes. Continue reading