The Essential Window Painting Guide

window painting heart shaped wreath

The unfinished base coats of a window painting in a residential neighborhood.

I finally have all of my notes together and added some illustrations and photographs for the first in a 6 part series on window painting.

The first book The Essential Window Painting Guide is now available. It is the foundational guide for the other books in a series titled: The Complete Holiday Window Guide. I will be releasing the next book by the beginning of next summer.

The entire series will walk you through the steps for prepping your windows for painting; like the cleaning process and mapping out design ideas. It shows you how to draw various images if you need help in that department. I walk you through the steps that are taken to create balanced colorful images with Holiday themes and show you how to fill them in nicely with paint.

The series is laid out to the perspective of someone who may not draw and paint already. It is a complete art tutorial on the technique of window painting. The Essential Window Painting Guide includes templates that you can cut out if necessary to use as window design stencils. You will find two very simple designs that can be used immediately as decorations on your window panes and sets of lettering guides that are simple enough for a beginner to use in their window painting.

The book is available in a PDF download at the moment and is found on this blog’s sister site: Holiday Window

Please, take the time to fill out a comment form and let me know you were here or there! Thanks! Oh, and —> Happy Holidays, no matter what! =)

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