The Christmas Window Paintbox Pallet Red White Blue and Green!

When putting together your paintbox pallet for the first time start with the basic Christmas colors red, white, and green.


The red, green, and white are obvious. These colors pretty much dominate Christmas designs. Blue can be used for shadows and in mixing other colors. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue but in specific tints needed it is better to get a premixed color when it comes to holiday scenes such as seen in Christmas.*


In these colors larger containers are necessary as you will use a them quite often. 

Poinsettias and Candles ~ Image: M Burgess

White is the base color I use on everything. It stands out well in distances and it makes great finishing details. I use it to outline areas that are red or green as these colors tend to fade into the decoration and not stand out on their own. With the design above, poinsettias and candles I drew out straight lines for the candles and took a 2″ paintbrush and ran it through the middle of them. Then I followed with the red petals and finished it off with the green leaves.
This is generally how I fill all of my paintings in. I later take white and a liner brush and add the final touches such as the outlines or sparkles.
You want your design to POP off the window. When you think about painting a glass surface consider what you want an onlooker to see from not only close up but further away. Painting the greeting for example if you are decorating a large storefront should be bright and attractive and clearly defined.


Space designs nicely apart so that they do not blend into one another and stand on their own
 There isn’t a need for a lot of detail. You can mimic a shape or highlight a character with a few quick strokes of paint.
Simple is good!
Keep it easy breezy and you will be painting like a pro in no time flat! =)

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