Painting Tips 101 – Art Brushes – Fan Brush

My best painting tip? Select quality art brushes!

Remember you are investing in a business.

If you select the right ones they will last years where the cheaper brushes will fall apart in your first season.

Cutting corners to save money on tools and supplies will cost you money in the long run. Cheaper quality brushes tend to leave brush hairs behind in your paintings.

Start your kit right and find good brushes to begin with.

Art brushes in different sizes, shapes, and textures can create the dimensions you need in a window painting. Picking out the right brush is key to the design your wish to create. 

One of my favorite brushes is a fan brush. I learned about these watching Bob Ross paint his happy little trees.

They are ideal for turkey feathers when painting Thanksgiving themes and they can be used to make clouds as well. They make great snow drifts and icicles, too! Another way you can use them is in creating a furry texture for painting animals.

Apply paint lightly with them using only the very tips of the brush. They will create interesting textured lines. Practice with these will bring out some fascinating images.

Keeping these brushes clean is simple. Rinse them every few minutes in clean water and dry gently on a towel or rag to keep the bristles straight and prevent paint from caking in them.

For more info stay tuned!
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