Welcome to My Christmas Paintbrush ~ Blog

Welcome to My Christmas Paintbrush.

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This blog is dedicated to my Holiday Window Painting business and the tips and tricks I learned in over 30 years of decorating window panes with tempera paint.

Santa Silhouette

Santa Silhouette

I want to share my expertise with anyone seeking this information on window painting.
My art gets me call backs for decorating year after year. I enjoyed this hobby very much and hope to help you enough so that you can too!

With the season comes a ton of images you can paint and create unique decorations in paint for temporary seasonal displays. In time if you have the necessary talent and some drawing skills, painting on glass will become not only a great way to share your artistic side it can be a great part-time business.

Be creative and learn how to adapt any design into a special request by your clients. You should be ready and willing to draw and paint anything into a window design because you WILL get some unusual requests. I have drawn pets, Santa in all kinds of interesting scenes, and some odd designs over the  years. Get creative. The more you can come up with the more business you will have. Be careful, though, once you get started you are going to be a very popular item of interest at Christmas time!

I personally cannot do faces very well. When it comes to a Santa I prefer to do something like the wreath above, “Santa’s Silhouette”. It gives you the feeling you would imagine for Santa’s Ride Christmas Eve on his gift-giving mission!

You will be able to design your own projects by using some of the hints and tricks I am going to share with you here. Eventually, you will have created your own portfolio with designs you will use year after year.

For additional information and some fun images see:

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Website: Holiday Window Paint.com

Facebook Page: Holiday Window Painter

Thank you for viewing!


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